Welcome to the Hudsonville Girl Scouts!

Are you interested in joining the Girl Scouts?  The Hudsonville Girl Scouts is part of the Michigan Shore to Shore Council and we welcome all girls in the Hudsonville School District, including those attending area Christian schools and those that are homeschooled.

Girl Scouts is for all school-age girls with activities at many levels.

  • Kindergarteners and First grade – Girl Scout Daisies
  • Second and Third grade – Girl Scout Brownies
  • Fourth and Fifth grade – Girl Scout Juniors
  • Middle School girls (grades 6, 7, and 8) – Girl Scout Cadettes
  • Ninth and Tenth grade – Girl Scout Seniors
  • Eleventh and Twelfth grade – Girl Scout Ambassadors

Girl Scouts earn many awards. Girl Scout Daisies earn Petals while Girl Scout Brownies and Girl Scout Juniors earn Badges.  The Girl Scouts Cadettes through Ambassadors earn Interest Project Patches. The highest award a Girl Scout Junior can earn is the Bronze Award while the Silver Award is the highest award for the Girl Scout Cadettes. Girl Scout Seniors or Ambassadors can earn the Gold Award, the highest award for any Girl Scout (comparable to the better known Boy Scout Eagle Scout award).

Just as there are many grade levels of Scouting, there are many activity levels. Certainly the most common is the Girl Scout troop. Some Girl Scout troops meet weekly, while others meet bi-weekly or monthly.  Other girls sign up for Girl Scouts to go to day camp or resident camp in the summer. Juliettes are “solo” girls who do Girl Scouts on their own or participate only with the Service Unit events.  Whatever they decide to do – All girls are welcome!